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1-pokojowe mieszkanie "Luna allot. ID 9", dla 2 osób, 32 m2, proste i przytulne umeblowanie. Salon/sypialnia z. Zakaz palenia. Internet (Bezprzewodowy LAN [WLAN]). 2 łóżka pojedyńcze. Kšcikiem kuchennym z 2 palnikami, kuchenką mikrofalową, dużym stołem i lodówką. Jedzenie: śniadanie (extra), pełne wyżywienie (extra), obiadokolacja (extra). Łazienka/WC. Balkon 2 m2. Dodatkowe wyposażenie: sejf, telefon, suszarka do włosów. Superior Studios enjoy a balcony with tranquil views of Mellieha village or Holiday Complex internal court yard. They are spacious and contemporarily furnished to high-standards with two single beds, and an en-suite bathroom with shower/bath. The studios are equipped with a fully-operational light oak kitchenette which incorporates a two-ring cooker, an electric oven, a fridge and a kettle. Direct-dial telephone, television and the comfort of air-conditioning services are also included. A safety-depositlocker is available in all rooms at an additional minimal charge. When booking direct Wifi and Safety deposit locker is free of charge. WIFI in the lobby is free and in the rooms the charge is €3.50 per day but capped at € 24.50 per day. What's Included: Twin beds or Double Beds, Kitchenette, Dining table, Balcony, Sofa and Soft seating, Telephone, LCD, TV,Airconditioning,Safe,Bathroom with Bath and hand held shower. Who are Studios ideal for, Superior Studios are ideal for couples and suited for family travel. Chill out and unwind in your balcony whilst enjoying the views of the peaceful countryside. The web-photos are just an example. These can vary slightly to the actual booked apartments of the resort.


Duży, odpowiedni dla dzieci, urokliwy dom apartamentowy "Studio Superior balcony Luna", wybudowany w roku 1982. Wyposażenie: recepcja 24h. Parking: parking publiczny. Dojazd samochodem do domu przez cały rok. Położenie: w centrum Mellieha, w górnej części miejscowości Mellieha Beach Bay, centralne, ruchliwe położenie. Widok z domu na miejscowość i na las. Otoczenie domu: basen (do wspólnego użytku, długość 13 m szerokości 8 m), brodzik dla dzieci (do wspólnego użytku), prysznic na zewnątrz (do wspólnego użytku). Infrastruktura i odległości: sklep 200 m, sklep spożywczy 200 m, restauracja 1 m, zatoczka kąpielowa 500 m, plaża piaszczysta 500 m, pole golfowe 20 km, przystanek autobusowy 250 m. Uwaga, w pobliżu: lotnisko/lądowisko 20 km. Holiday Complex Mellieha (160 serviced apartments) has 2 pools operational: 1. Sky Pool, always open when weather permitting (roof top pool for Kid ages 13+). and a Twilight Pool. Open as a summer pool (not heated and outdoors) from mid-May to mid-October. This converts in Mid-October to an indoor pool and with heating. Dates of change from one to the other are dependent on the weather (this pool is for families) Dimensions of the pools: Ground Floor Pool 8.3m w x 13m l and Roof Top Pool 5.5m w x 12m l. The Holiday Complex boasts of its experienced kitchen team preparing delicious, yet affordable cuisine. Served in one of our many outlets as well as in your own room. Take a short walk or catch a bus to the heart of Mellieha village, only 250m from Holiday Complex . Surrounded by breathtaking views of the azure Mediterranean Sea and the idyllic village of Mellieha, The Holiday Complex situated alongside Mellieha bay, the largest and most popular beach on the Maltese island, it prides itself on being rated the best three-star and has partnered up with one of the leading beach clubs in Mellieha, providing our guests a spot on the beach. As well as our very own Scuba Diving centre on the property. Explore the diverse collection of shops, restaurants, souvenir outlets and architectural works of art.No parking area, but on a normal day (excluding holidays etc…) there are plenty of spaces on the road at the front and the back of the hotel.

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Mellieha is a rural village and tourist resort in the Northwestern part of Malta and derives its name from the Semitic root ‘m-l-h’ which in Arabic means salt. The name was probably derived from the ancient Punic and Roman salt-terns, historians indicated as lying adjacent to the large sandy bay at the foot of the village. Mellieha has been inhabited since early Neolithic times (3000 B.C). Several megalithic remains and tombs of this era and other primitive tools and fragments of pottery were found in various localities around this area, primarily at “il-Latnija” – a natural cavity used by several stone-age peoples – and at l-Gholja tax-Xemxija. During the Roman and Byzantine occupations (213B.C- 870A.D.), Mellieha’s valleys were inhabited by troglodytes, who irrigated the land, adopted natural caves as their dwelling places and buried their beloved ones in Punic style burial chambers. Following the Arab conquest and during the medieval period (870-1530A.D.), the area was deserted, primarily due to the continuous raids of the Muslim corsairs. Notwithstanding the hardship experienced by the Maltese during the Reign of the Order of St. John (1530-1798A.D.), Mellieha’s medieval chapel, dedicated to the Holy Virgin Mary, was one of the most venerated places on the island. Several distinguished persons, such as grandmaster’s, kings and bishops visited the shrine and pilgrimages to the sanctuary from all over the island were held frequently. In the late 17th century, the Knights built several fortifications along the coast, so as to protect the inhabitants. This venture brought about the gradual repopulating of the area, mainly by those who wanted to exploit the fertile valleys and the new enterprise of tunny net fishing. Under the British, in 1844, Mellieha was established again as a parish and since then it grew up into a modern town, of circa 6,500 people. Today, Mellieha is one of Malta’s most picturesque tourist destinations. The town centre boasts of its splendid hotels, fine restaurants and traditional cute shops. It has a unique primary school, a majestic baroque church (built in late 19th century) and various cultural organizations, including band clubs, sports clubs, an orchestra, various religious societies, a parish community centre and an environmental pressure group. Since 1993, local affairs are being run by the Mellieha Local Council, an institution made up of seven councilors, elected every three years by the people. Mellieha’s main festive season occurs in the first two weeks of September and reaches its climax on the 8th September. During these days various cultural manifestations are held, such as musical concerts, fireworks, folk singing, art exhibitions and the traditional religious procession. The town’s people, ”Il-Mellehin”, are renowned for their laborious nature, their ironic sense of humour, and their friendliness and hospitality. Those who visit us, no matter where they hail from, do not merely enjoy themselves but feel at home. As long as Mellieha preserves its great archaeological and historic heritage, its unique natural environment, and its traditions and costumes, its people, “Il-Mellehin”, can look forward to a bright future. Text via www.mellieha.com miasto (6'500 mieszkańców).


Malta, Malta, Mellieha

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