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★★★★★  Wyposażenie bardzo dobrej klasy i najwyższej jakości. Odpowiada wszystkim wymogom komfortu. Bardzo gustowne i luksusowe umeblowanie przeznaczone dla gości z wysokimi wymaganiami, kładących nacisk na najlepszą jakość i luksus.

★★★★  Umeblowanie wysokiej jakości w dużej części składające się z luksusowych detali. Wzajemnie dopasowane i komfortowe. Obiekty te posiadają dodatkowe wyposażenie.

★★★  Wygodne wyposażenie. Dobra jakość odpowiadająca średnim wymaganiom, bez luksusu. Pomieszczenia są domowo (funkcjonalnie) wyposażone a umeblowanie zostało wzbogacone o przydatne dodatki.

★★  Podstawowe i przyjazne wyposażenie. Urządzenia w stanie nadającym się do użytku i odpowiadające dobrej i solidnej jakości. Obiekty wakacyjne sprawiają wrażenie zadbanych.

★  Proste i podstawowe wyposażenie. Zapewnione minimum wygody. Zużycie spowodowane wiekiem mieści się w granicach tolerancji.

Kod obiektu: IT2081.270.1

Apartamenty Black&White

Włochy » Jezioro Maggiore » Castelveccana

6 llość osób / 3 Liczba pokoi / 2 Sypialnie

Bardzo dobry 1 ocena
Es ist alles zweckmäßig ausgestattet, die Aussicht vom Balkon ist sehr schön. Man ist allerdings auf das Auto angewiesen, da die die Wohnung etwas abgelegen vom See liegt.
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Kod obiektu: IT2082.131.1

Apartamenty Il Gallo Nero ★★

Włochy » Jezioro Maggiore » Porto Valtravaglia

4 llość osób / 2 Liczba pokoi / 1 Sypialnie

Bardzo dobry 2 oceny
Posizione tranquilla, confortevole, con tutto il necessario per una vacanza di relax. La vicinanza al centro permette di raggiungere il supermercato in pochi minuti (in auto), e la posizione permette le eventuali escursioni senza troppe complicazioni. Da rivedere lo smaltimento rifiuti, servizio molto carente che mette ansia. Servizio che non prevede la consegna dei rifiuti in giorni differenti da quelli previsti porta a porta : plastica/carta una volta ogni 15gg. Organico/indifferenziato una volta ogni 3 gg. Schöne Aussicht, zwei Balkone, ruhige Lage, gut zum Entspannen
od od PLN 1 414,00 oszczędzasz 33% PLN 947,00 2018-04-28 na 7 nocy za wynajęcie dodatkowe koszty (jeśli występują)
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Kod obiektu: IT2085.450.1

Dom wakacyjny Lucia ★★★

Włochy » Jezioro Maggiore » Luino

5 llość osób / 3 Liczba pokoi / 2 Sypialnie

Średni 3 oceny
My partner and I stayed here for a week from 13th - 20th May and chose this house basically because of the view and it didn't disappoint on that front. The pictures you see in the listing don't do it justice; the view from the front door is even better. It's in a very quiet and peaceful area and at the end of a cul-de-sac so there's barely any traffic outside. That said, in regards to the area it was in it is up a very, very steep hill so if you're not a fan of hills and hot weather I would strongly recommend renting a car. We were told we can use the driveway of the house next door and the neighbours seemed very friendly too. Inside the house was beautiful. It was also very cool due to the stone flooring which was a massive relief as it was incredibly warm while we were there, so coming back to a cool house at the end of a day was a big relief. The house was very clean and nicely decorated, and while the kitchen is a bit small it's cosy and in no way obstructive; you can access the fridge/freezer, cooker and microwave easily. The main couch also folds out into a double bed and two of the cupboard compartments fold out as beds so in addition to the bedrooms downstairs you could sleep an additional 4 people upstairs. The bedrooms and shower downstairs were all in great condition and very clean, and the bedding was very comfortable. I also have to commend the young lady who met us to deal with the paperwork - she was incredibly helpful and had dealt with German and French people before us so she should be commended on her language skills. I do have some criticisms though and they are as follows: - The house could really use WiFi. I'm lucky that I can use my phone's data abroad for no extra cost but the data reception in Germignaga is terrible and it made it difficult to plan routes etc for our holiday. I think in 2017 having WiFi in your accommodation is more an expectation than a benefit. - The TV was very old and barely had a signal. I managed to get a bit of a signal by fiddling with the SCART lead but I think either update the TV or just not have one. The radio was good though. - This isn't really a criticism but more a note for awareness, the staircase to the bedrooms is *very* narrow and the stairs very small so take care. - My final criticism would be for the deposit having to be made in cash. This is probably fine for people from other countries in Europe as they can get the cash back at the end and just use it but we came from the UK, meaning at the end of the holiday I'm given 200 Euros back I had to pay commission to get in the first place, and would need to pay commission yet again if I wanted to change them back into pounds when I get back. Car hire companies etc just hold the deposit on a credit card which I think would be far more sensible as you also have added protection for all parties. I think these points are all pretty minor and easily remedied, and I understand not everyone would be as in need of TV/WiFi/Working. We had a lovely time and if what you want is a peaceful break in the Italian Alps with postcard views everywhere you look, this place is perfect. Alles in allem ist die Unterkunft in Ordnung, man hat alles, was man braucht! Allerdings ist alles sehr einfach gehalten, die Schlafzimmer sind im Untergeschoss und riechen dadurch etwas mufflig! Na langem lüften ging es dann.. Küche ist gut, alles vorhanden. Wunderschön ist die Aussicht... Service von Interhome ist wunderbar. Immer hilfsbereit, kamen auch bei Problemen direkt vorbei.
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